La Poderosa


La Poderosa Media Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes creative autonomy and collaborative learning through community-based arts programs for children and young adults in the Americas.

What We Do

LPMP’s innovative curriculum engages students’ desire to transform their communities through storytelling. With over twenty art schools in Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, and the United States, participants of these interventions have produced short films, ethnographic documentaries, photo essays, news reports, graffiti interventions, theater plays, and scripts.

By conceiving of the arts as a vehicle for ethically sound collaboration and responsible community development, our organization places rigorous filmmaking instruction and the development of cultural humility at the center of our pedagogy, re-imagining the role of children and youth as creative leaders in the Americas. Moreover, our team believes in the importance of research and training. Thus, we have published peer-reviewed academic articles and trained teachers and artists in our methodology. Finally, we work together with other community-based projects whose missions are aligned to ours: Comidas que curan, Project Social Impact, Trompo, Covinautas, and Design Global Change.


Our Projects

Siempre viva

CHILE – 2017

Cortometraje ficción

Ojo al celular

ECUADOR – 2016

Cortometraje Documental

El portón

CHILE – 2016

Cortometraje Ficción

Ayampe: Laboratorio intensivo de escritura de guiones

ECUADOR – 2015

Residencia de escritura

Poesía como pre-texto

ECUADOR – 2015

Proyecto educativo en colaboración con la Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Sin alas

CHILE – 2014

Cortometraje Ficción

La larga espera


Cortometraje Ficción

Seminario sobre antropología de la comida y documental etnográfico

ECUADOR – 2013

Seminario-taller en colaboración con Comidas que curan

El sabor de la vida

ECUADOR – 2013

Cortometraje ficción

Fuego y humo

CHILE – 2013

Cortometraje Ficción

La picá

CHILE – 2013

Cortometraje ficción

Viche de camarón

ECUADOR – 2012

Video Receta

Who We Are

Alejandra Zambrano

Nicolás Schvarzberg

Gabriela Espinosa

Joseph Pierce

Pilar Egüez Guevara

Diego Mosquera

Natacha Poggio

Stories Towards a Better World

We believe that art transforms individuals and strengthens communities. We believe that self-representation empowers children and youth to be active participants in their environments. We envision a future in which young leaders think differently, communicate productively, and inspire others to effect change. We work with children and youth so that their ideas, their stories, and their lives make a difference in shaping a better future.


Contact us

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Non-governmental organisation (NGO)